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LPPFusion is a high tech R&D company  working on the environmentally clean Focus Fusion technology.


LPPFusion’s nuclear fusion R&D project was initially funded by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is now backed by over eighty private investors including the Abell Foundation of Baltimore. LPPFusion’s patented technology and peer-reviewed science are guiding the design of this virtually unlimited source of environmentally clean energy that can be significantly cheaper than any other energy sources currently in use. To find out the current state of our research and to learn about how Focus Fusion technology works in more detail see our presentation given at Oxford University in 2014 or read the PDF transcript of an earlier presentation. To gain a quick insight into the fusion energy production process see this flowchart. We are working to demonstrate the scientific feasibility of Focus Fusion at our laboratory in Middlesex, NJ.


Key peer-reviewed publications: Lasers and Particle Beams, Journal of Fusion Energy, Physics of Plasmas 2012, Nukleonika, ICPIG, Physics of Plasmas 2014

Goals and Milestones