Peer Reviewed Papers

This page contains all papers published by LPPFusion organized by year of publication, then by journal in alphabetical order. Some of the links point to PDF files for download. Others point to the original announcements which include preprint PDFs, links to the journal release and information about the paper.


Lasers and Particle Beams – 1986


Magnetic self-compression in laboratory plasmas, quasars and radio galaxies. Part I


Journal of Fusion Energy – 2011


Theory and Experimental Program for p-B11 Fusion with the Dense Plasma Focus


Nucleonika – 2012


Fusion reaction scaling in a mega-amp dense plasma focus


Physics of Plasmas – 2012


Fusion reactions from >150 keV ions in a dense plasma focus (DPF) plasmoid


ICPIG – 2013



Physics of Plasmas – 2014


Runaway electrons as a source of impurity and reduced fusion yield in the dense plasma focus


Physics of Plasmas – 2017


Confined ion energy >200 keV and increased fusion yield in a DPF with monolithic tungsten electrodes and pre-ionization


Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, a publication of Oxford University Press – 2018


Observations contradict galaxy size and surface brightness predictions that are based on the expanding universe hypothesis