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We’re on a near-term path to achieving nuclear fusion energy at a low enough cost to replace all fossil-fuel based energy sources and end fossil fuel use. We will harness the energy source that powers the sun to create clean, safe energy. If we secure the funding to complete our project, this will be the most fundamental change in technology in decades. It will flip the power from fossil to fusion.

Eric J. Lerner President and Chief Scientist @ LPPFusion

During our Wefunder capital campaign anyone, anywhere in the world, can invest in LPPFusion, with a $1,000 minimum. The last campaign ended on March 1, 2020.


Company Information


LPPFusion is a privately-held “C” corporation incorporated in NJ in 2003. LPP is short for Lawrenceville Plasma Physics.


Intellectual Property


LPPFusion was granted a comprehensive U.S. Patent #7,482,607 and international patents:

  • Australian Patent 2007314648 issued November 2011
  • Chinese patent, 200780007065.7 issued December, 2012
  • Canadian Patent, 2,642,749 issued December, 2015
  • European Union Patent EP 1989714B1 issued April, 2018
  • Still pending in India.

Our Massive Cost Advantage


Our Plan to get to Net Energy


Our Business Development Plan


Investor Information


LPPFusion has raised over $7M from over 500 private investors and one Institutional Investor.  Accredited U.S. and foreign investors can purchase Class B, non-voting shares.  We have successfully closed five equity rounds. Our current round should fund us to Net Energy and allow us to develop our spin-off X-scan technology for the Homeland Security market.


Today, Investments in LPPFusion can only be made by foreign and accredited U.S. investors (e.g. investors with net worth in excess of $1M, or income exceeding $200K), as defined in Rule 506(c) of Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933.  Non Accredited investors can sign up here to get on our mailing list in case we do another round of crowdfunding.


LPPFusion Advisory to Investors and Potential Investors


Based on extensive discussions and a vote of the Board of Advisors, and with the agreement of LPPFusion President Eric Lerner LPPFusion, Inc. issues the following advisory to investors and potential investors on future changes in LPPFusion share valuation.

  • As soon as our experiments with Focus Fusion device achieve 1 joule of fusion energy output, LPPFusion will immediately end the current share offering at $125/share and will issue a new offering at $150/share. As soon as Focus Fusion device achieves 10 joules of fusion energy output, LPPFusion will immediately end the existing share offering and issue a new offering at $200/share.  

This increase in valuation is in line with our past share price increases when Focus Fusion device produced good initial results after construction and also when it produced record temperature levels. As progress continues toward our goal of net energy output, the higher valuations will reflect the risk/reward level at that time.  After we get to net energy, we expect to have no problems getting money at much higher valuations, including our IPO as we license manufacturing to a number of large, international companies with expertise in building and supporting power generation systems world wide. In addition to up front licensing costs, we will also charge royalties for each unit produced.


If you are an accredited investor and would like additional information regarding this offering, please contact Jeff Maier in investment relations at 949-232-0309 or


Financial Audit Reports


LPPFusion Audit Fiscal Year 2016


LPPFusion Audit Fiscal Year 2017


LPPFusion Audit Fiscal Year 2018


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