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Titanium Lining for Vacuum Chamber

To download this report click here Based on the results of test shots fired in September, LPPFusion’s research team has decided to line the vacuum chamber of the device with titanium or a titanium compound. While we cleaned oxides off the tungsten, these compounds have reappeared due to oxygen in the stainless steel chamber. After…

LPPFusion Gains A New Simulation Expert


LPPFusion welcomes a new member this month. Dr. Robert E. Terry joins us as Computational Physics Consultant, and has started working with Dr. Warwick Dumas to develop our ongoing simulation of the early phases of the plasma focus process. This simulation will help us to understand how the current filaments form and what conditions favor or imperil their…

Cathode Gets More Machining

Monolithic Cathode

LPPFusion is awaiting the tungsten cathode needed for our next set of experiments. Unfortunately, the company that was machining the electrode, and had promised it by June 23, ran into difficulties. They realized that they had greatly underestimated the time needed to machine the interior surface by electro discharge marching, a process in which electric…