Fusion Energy Generator


Biologically Safe * Ecologically Clean * Radioactive-Waste Free *  Unlimited * Inexpensive


What Is Focus Fusion and How Does it work? Focus Fusion is our name for the combination of the Dense Plasma Focus device with aneutronic hydrogen-boron (pB11) fuel. It is the fastest route to fusion energy. We are working to research and develop a generator based on this technology.


Focus Fusion generators could provide virtually unlimited supplies of cheap energy in an environmentally-sound way. They would produce no radioactive waste or pollutants. The end-product would be harmless helium gas. Focus Fusion generators would be free of long-term radioactivity, and the small number of low-energy neutrons emitted could be easily absorbed in several inches of shielding.


Benefits— safe, clean, unlimited energy that is far cheaper than any existing energy source see the video and read the summary


Comparisons With All Other Energy Sourcesother fusion companies and approaches, solar and wind, fission and fossil fuels


What Has Been DoneA Brief History of Fusion, LPPFusion Timeline and our experimental milestones


Goals for our research and development