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Zero  * Ecologically Clean * Radioactive-Waste Free *  Unlimited * Inexpensive

LPPF is developing a revolutionary new source of energy called “Focus Fusion”. Focus Fusion is LPPFusion’s approach to fusion power that uses the dense plasma focus device and hydrogen-boron fuel as its aneutronic fuel. Light Bulb Made Up of Green Coils, Leaves and Green Earth Focus Fusion generators could provide virtually unlimited supplies of cheap energy in an environmentally-sound way. They would produce no radioactive waste or pollutants. The end-product would be harmless helium gas. Focus Fusion generators would be free of long-term radioactivity, and the small number of low-energy neutrons emitted could be easily absorbed in several inches of shielding. Focus Fusion generators would be cheap to build. Almost all of the energy would be converted directly to electricity, eliminating the need for generating steam to drive turbines, which accounts for most of the cost of electricity today. Focus Fusion costs are expected to be ten times less than present energy costs. These generators would also be small and decentralized. They could fit into a garage-sized area and generate 5 MW of power, sufficient for 5,000 homes. Focus Fusion energy is essentially unlimited. The raw materials for hydrogen-boron fuel are exceedingly common. Hydrogen comes from ordinary water and boron from either abundant deposits or from sea-salt. Supplies of boron would be sufficient to maintain overall power consumption ten times the present global level for a billion years. To make Focus Fusion technology a reality, we aim to achieve the following major goals during Phase 1 research:
  1. Achieve the third condition for net energy–sufficient plasma density in the plasmoid (the tiny ball of plasma created by the device)–by:
    • Greatly reducing impurities with beryllium electrodes to bring the density from our current 0.1 milligrams/cm³ to our theoretically-predicted level for pure deuterium which is tens of mg/cm³;
    • Continuing the density increase by mixing in nitrogen, neon or other gases, with the density at this stage reaching hundreds of milligrams/cm³;
    • Increasing the current in the device, which will lead to the ultimate plasma density needed to achieve the fusion net-energy production, a density of the order of grams/cm³.
  2. Achieve billion-gauss magnetic fields in the plasmoids needed for the quantum magnetic field effect.
  3. Demonstrate the quantum magnetic field effect within these billion-gauss magnetic conditions; show its ability to prevent plasmoid cooling caused by X-rays, making possible the net energy burning of pB11 fuel.
Other groups around the world are also starting to work on this approach. We are sharing our Processed Data with them.













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