Physics Foundations

Fundamentals of Physics


The functioning of the plasma focus device and the entire study of controlled fusion is based firmly on well-established physics theories that have been developed over the past two centuries.


Many of the basic phenomena in a plasma focus device can be understood with the help of Maxwell’s equations, the basic laws of electromagnetism: the formation of filaments of current, their travel down the electrodes, the formation of a tight pinch where all the currents fountain together, the accelerations of electron and ion beams. Atomic theory lets us understand the basic properties of electrons and ions, which make up the plasma in all fusion devices. In LPPFusion’s research on Focus Fusion, an important effect is the Quantum Magnetic Field Effect, a consequence of quantum mechanics. This effect reduces cooling by X-rays and allows the plasma to heat to billions of degrees. Finally the fusion reactions that we are producing can be understood with the theories of nuclear physics.