PBS—Public Broadcasting System—TV Reports on LPPFusion

Aug 2, 2019 | Focus Fusion, Focus Fusion in the News


On July 15, Public Broadcasting System station NJTV broadcast a report featuring LPPFusion: Could a Jersey lab be the key to unlocking the sun’s energy on Earth?. The report by Leah Mishkin covers fusion efforts at ITER, the huge tokamak under construction in France, at Canadian company General Fusion, as well as at LPPFusion. Describing us—accurately—as a “grass-roots project”, the report emphasized the small size of our device, contrasting FF-2B’s three-ton mass with ITER’s 365,000 tons. The report was also carried on the national website of PBS.


This is the first mass media coverage of LPPFusion in a few years, and it is important that it be circulated widely. So, we ask everyone to widely share the links to this report.

This news piece is part of the August, 2019 report. To download the report click here.




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