New LPPFusion Video: Pandemics, Crisis and Fusion

Sep 1, 2020 | Crowdfunding, Environment, Funding

A new video from LPPFusion explains why fusion energy is essential to escape the global crisis. The video, “Pandemic, Economic Crises and the Energy Density Solution” was produced by LPPF’s CIO and Director of Communications Ivy Karamitsos. In the video, we emphasize that fossil fuels have contributed to the present pandemic. Fossil-fuel pollution weakened the disease resistance of hundreds of millions. The vast cost of fossil fuels diverted trillions of dollars away from the public health system, disabling almost all countries from preventing the pandemic. To move beyond this crisis, humanity must move beyond fossil fuels.

The video explains that the key to moving beyond fossil fuels is increasing energy density—the amount of energy that can be delivered from a given amount of matter. Coal, oil and gas fueled the Industrial Revolution because they had far higher energy density than wood. But now fossil fuels are too low density for our growing population and standard of living.  Fourteen billion tons of fossil-fuel annual global consumption costs over $10 trillion in direct and indirect costs. These fossil-fuel costs are a crippling tax on the world economy, siphoning money from everyone to a few thousand billionaire shareholders—who own both oil and financial companies.

But there is another path we can take—now. Fusion is by far the densest energy source known to science. Using hydrogen-boron (pB11) fuel, fusion will produce virtually unlimited power. Trillions of dollars annually would be saved by replacing an economy based on fossil fuels with one based on fusion energy. Instead of going to the pockets of a few thousand shareholders, they would be sufficient to build new cities, infrastructures and industries.

The new video concludes that the fastest way to get fusion is a crash program, like the Apollo program, where the government fully funds all possible paths to fusion. At a cost of at most a few billions a year, not trillions, such a program could deliver fusion generators rolling down assembly lines in this decade. Watch the new video, like and share—help get this crucial message to the widest possible audience.

This news piece is part of the August 31, 2020 report. To download the report click here.




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