Cost Advantage and ROI

LPP Fusion Cost Advantage


The estimated sale cost for 5 megawatt LPPF design fusion generators is projected to be $1-2 M;  low enough that electricity produced will cost about .5 cents per kilowatt hour wholesale. This per kWh rate is 12 times less than the cheapest alternatives, per U.S. EIA projections.


LPPF will non exclusively license manufacturing to a number of large, international companies with expertise in building and supporting power generation systems world wide.


This overwhelming fusion cost advantage, and the ability to locate small, safe, plants close to electric consumers, will create large and growing demand for fusion units manufactured by LPPF’s  licensed manufacturing partners.


The modest size and complexity of LPPF’s patent protected fusion units, makes mass production both possible and attractive to manufacturers seeking to establish market share. LPPF projections (available to potential investors on request) show how manufacturers could increase production rapidly over ten years starting around 2020.


Licensing royalties on advanced power technologies are typically 5% of sales. As production and sales increase, the royalties paid to LPPF should also steadily increase revenues and profits. Initial profits, and certainty they will continue increasing yearly, will lead to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and can be expected to result in very favorable long term returns to Phase I investors.