International Research on Plasma Focus Devices

Research with the dense plasma focus device is now being carried out by at least 44 groups around the world. Iran hosts the most groups with eight operating in 2014. Many of these devices are relatively small, producing 100’s of kA of peak current. The largest, mega-amp, facilities are PF-1000, at the International Center for Dense Magnetized Plasmas (ICDMP) in Warsaw; PF-3, at the Kurchatov Institute, Moscow; KPF-4 in Sukhumi; Gemini at NSTec in Las Vegas; and Focus Fusion-1 at LPPFusion in Middlesex NJ. There is active communication among the groups, which is carried out in conferences and on websites. Key websites are that of ICDMP, which has the presentations given at annual workshops held at Warsaw; the Asian-African Association for Plasma Training and the Institute for Plasma Focus Studies. The Institute’s founder, Dr. Sing Lee has been a leader in setting up plasma focus laboratories in many developing countries and was an initiator of the AAAPT. In addition to the ICDMP workshops, the International Dense z-Pinch conference is another important place for DPF researchers, who also report their work in broader plasma conferences. Since the invention of the plasma focus device in the 1960’s over 2,100 scientific papers have been published on them.




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