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Focus Fusion Society is a non-profit organization with a world-wide membership, having 501c3 tax-exempt status in the United States. They seek to turn the dream of safe, affordable, clean, abundant energy from aneutronic nuclear fusion into a practical reality as soon as possible, and to ensure that this technology is made available to everyone. FFS works to educate everyone about the potential of aneutronic fusion, and to support research as they have available funds. (However, to date the vast majority of funding for Focus Fusion research has been from LPP.)

FFS, an independent organization led by a Board of Director elected annually by its members, works in coordination with LPP on number of projects, including on the crowdfunding intiative now going forward.

The following suggestions for volunteer activities are from Focus Fusion Society. Visit them!

There must be at least fifty ways to further fusion.  Here are 30+:

  1. Realize you have a role to play in the pursuit of fusion, and that it’s important!  Scientists do the science and run the experiments which may liberate fusion energy.  Other human beings (That’s us!) fund, fundraise, support, network, promote, advocate, question, provide insights, translate, explain, validate, celebrate, inspire and enjoy this work, letting the scientists focus on their job.  It’s up to us to create an environment that supports the research process (with its ups and downs).  It’s up to us to create a pro-fusion culture.
  2. Join us as an Associate Member!
  3. Register on the site and fill in your profile!  (Don’t forget toupload a picture or avatar!
  4. Upgrade so that you can post in the forums! (This involves sending us an email after you register, in which you spill out your guts…er, help us realize somehow that you are legit, so that we can make sure you’re a cool entity and not some bot).
  5. Post on the forums  Post comments to articles, too.  Join the conversation!  Let us all know about stuff going on in fusion and related matters!
  6. Tell us what you think about our mission!
  7. Share the conversation outside of FFS! Tell your friends, post on other forums, tweet, etc. Want some tips about that? The “Spread the Word” forum will help.
  8. Link to our website from yours!
  9. Tell people about LPPX! (the unfolding LPP Experiment).  Tell us how it goes!
  10. Explain “Aneutronic Fusion” to people.  Tell us how it goes!
  11. Make people aware that there are many approaches to fusion.  Tell us how it goes!
  12. Test our emerging fusion message on total strangers!  Tell us how it goes!
  13. Share your communication stories with us.  Here’s where you can tell us how it went!  From your most sublime connection to the most awkward encounters, we’d love to hear about it!  Feel free to start a new thread.
  14. Start some projects on  You must be 25 years young or less.  A great place to recruit youth to the aneutronic fusion pursuit.  You can post some items from this list there.  We can’t, because most of us are over 25!
  15. Help us get our FAQs straight!  Ask (and answer) Q’s!
  16. Beef up our wiki!  Note, we’ll be switching to a Mediawiki platform soon, so we can be more like Plasma-universe.  But you can get started with outlining things and use this as a sandbox for now. Play with it! How would you organize it? Have at it.
  17. Rally!  Leaflet!  We’ve got some cool flyers and posters andthis really cool 3-D poster to use as conversation starters.  Print them up, share them with your friends, take them to the next environmental or energy rally/event you go to!  Suitable for framing.
  18. T-shirts rule!  Spread the word while wearing fashionable clothing.
  19. Design your own posters, flyers, fashions, etc.!
  20. Help design some “Fusion 500” Badges
  21. Like us on Facebook and invite all your friends!  Share our posts with your friends, share cool things on our page!
  22. Follow us on Twitter and tweet, retweet, #aneutronic away!
  23. Follow @LPPX on Twitter and tweet, retweet away!
  24. Join us on Google and +1 us.
  25. Check out our games and apps campaign and then…
  26. Collaborate with us on Gameful to develop some of them.
  27. Subscribe to us on YouTube.  Spread links to our videos, and recommend cool videos for us to spread.
  28. Make films about fusion. Helpful guidelines here. (Note that contest is over, but you may find the video useful)
  29. Collaborate with us on  It’s a great place to find other artists and create interesting works. Get aneutronic fusion into their creative meme stream. Here’s our “twinkle twinkle” project.  And the “fusion tortoise and hare” project.
  30. Make a fusion pledge and declare it in the forums.  Not sure what to pledge?  How about pledging to do some or all of the items on this list?
  31. Food lovers:  Develop and share a fusion-themed recipe.  We plan to set up the site for direct recipe posting.  For now, post the recipe on other food sites and share the link and details with us in the food forums.
  32. Business owners, crafts people:  Develop a fusion-themed consumer product to promote fusion.
  33. Become a Board Member.  The best of the best consider getting more involved through Board membership!
  34. Donate money! We’d like to improve this website and this organization, and become all we can be!  Your dough is vital!
  35. Help us raise funds on Crowdrise
  36. Sell something on Ebay to benefit our organization!
  37. Kick fusion’s @$$.  It’s not rocket science.  Well, OK, there’s some overlap.  Well OK OK, it’s a massively ambitious undertaking.  You can do it!  We can do it!  We can all do it together!  Check out our Learning Center. We have detailed plans to improve that.  In the meantime, get a jump on physics at the Khan Academy.  And let us know what’s working and what isn’t.  Your feedback is vital!
  38. Make suggestions!  (Use comment section below)