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The Green New Deal Needs Fusion

LPPFusion gave a presentation, hosted by the Greater New York MENSA in May, 2019, explaining why reaching fusion is a precondition for a successful Green New Deal. The videos are embedded below. Slides are also available for download (PPTX, 114,445KB).

Why Aneutronic Fusion Energy Is The Necessary Solution

Aneutronic fusion—fusion power using hydrogen-boron fuel, without neutrons or radioactive waste–if successfully developed, would be by far the “greenest”, most environmentally friendly and socially beneficial of any energy source on the horizon. It shares the advantages of other “green energy” sources, but it also has major benefits beyond any others. Most critically it will be far cheaper than existing energy sources, so will be able to replace them swiftly. See summary for Focus Fusion benefits. Here is a comparison with solar and wind.


LPPFusion’s Focus Fusion – fusion running on aneutronic fuels within a plasma focus device, is safe and environmentally sound. No neutrons are produced in the main reaction. No neutrons produced means no nuclear waste is produced either. Secondary reactions between helium and boron nuclei do produce a few neutrons—1/500th of the total energy—but these neutrons are too low-energy to produce radioactive waste within the machine structure. An electrode that had been in the machine for a month would have no radioactivity above background level. A short-lived radioactive isotope, carbon-11, is produced by another secondary reaction, but it decays so swiftly, dropping by 50% every 20 minutes, that 9 hours after a fusion generator is turned off, it could be safely opened and serviced by someone with no protective gear. Again no radioactivity above background level would exist. And of course, there are no greenhouse gases, with the only by-product being useful helium gas. See detailed calculations.

Air pollution deaths per 1000 square km per year from particulates due to burning fossil fuel.

Coal is not clean: http://www.nrdc.org/energy/coalnotclean.asp













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