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New Videos Released On Lab Work, Cosmology


New videos of the repair and assembly of the tungsten cathode and of the firing of the first shots with the tungsten electrodes are now available. LPPFusion is also releasing a video of Lerner’s presentation on evidence against the concordance cosmology theory presented to the EWASS 2015 conference in July.

Einstein Said There Are No Black Holes


In a response to Stephen Hawking’s recent paper on the non-existence of black holes, LPP Chief Scientist Eric Lerner explains in this video how Einstein proved in 1939 that his general relativity theory proved black holes do NOT exist. The myth that relativity predicted black holes arose in the 1960’s after Einstein’s death. It originated…

Video of LPP presentation in Manhattan lifts our visibility

Earnst & Young Presentation

LPP’s latest presentation “Fusion Energy: Might we finally achieve it?” is ranking near the top in video searches for fusion energy. Over 7,000 people have already viewed this presentation by the LPP team, hosted October 12th by the Center for Economic & Environmental Partnership, Incat the Times Square offices of Ernst and Young in Manhattan. The presentation was organized…

VIDEO: Will we reach fusion breakeven?

Center for Economic and Environmental Partnership

Fusion Energy: Will we finally reach breakeven? LPP’s chief scientist Eric Lerner explains who’s who in the world of fusion energy research and what’s the latest in plasma physics and nuclear fusion. This presentation was hosted by the Center for Economic & Environmental Partnership at the Ernst & Young location in New York City’s Times Square, on…

President’s Science Advisors briefed on fusion progress

Office-Of-Science-And-Technology logo

On Friday, May 25th 2012, I represented Lawrenceville Plasma Physics in providing one of five public comments at that day’s meeting of President Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, or PCAST.  My remarks were well received, and three PCAST members with physics backgrounds took copies of our publications for review.  The remarks are below,…

Focus Fusion progress attracts local, international attention


UK, Russian, and hometown media shine spotlight on plasma physics LPP’s progress in testing the feasibility of Focus Fusion is garnering attention in a steadily growing number of media outlets, helping to increase awareness and understanding of this promising technology.  Building on LPP’s publication of record temperature fusion confinement in Physics of Plasmas, Mark Halper informed…

VIDEO: CFO Aaron Blake makes business case for Focus Fusion


LPP Chief Financial Officer Aaron Blake explains how Focus Fusion is the fastest way to revolutionize the global energy market As  part of Rutgers University Entrepreneurship Day, Lawrenceville Plasma Physics had the opportunity to reach out to our nearest neighbors in the business and academic communities to explain the potential of our Focus Fusion technology and…