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Highest Fusion Fuel D-D Burn

Another good way to compare the private fusion efforts is to show what fraction of fusion fuel—in this case deuterium—will burn in fusion reactions in the best plasma conditions published by each company. This means we are comparing only deuterium to deuterium fusion since most all companies experiment with D-D reactions so this comparison keeps…

3D electrical modeling needed

LPPFusion needs help from someone who can do 3D modeling of pulsed power circuits and has present access to the software required—such as COMSOL. We are planning to reduce the inductance of FF-1’s power circuit and want to model various solutions. If interested, please contact us at .

Note: Mailing List

We have used the e-mail address as the from address for our campaigns. Recent changes from major e-mail providers, including Google, means that we can no longer do this without running the risk of many of you not receiving our mailing list. To ensure that further e-mails arrive in your inbox, please add…


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