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Former fusion head, three others say: fund Focus Fusion

expert review

A review committee of four senior scientists, led by the former head of the US government fusion program, concluded that our effort deserved “a much higher level of investment … based on their considerable progress to date”

Bruno Coppi, Professor of Physics and Senior Fusion Researcher, MIT

Bruno Coppi

I think that the “Focus Fusion” approach of Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Inc. should be funded as the science behind it is very interesting. Even if this approach does not succeed in producing fusion energy, the research will produce valuable technology in the near term.

Dr. Julio Herrera, Professor of Physics, National Autonomous University of Mexico

The experimental program that LPP plans to carry out has great potential to show how the plasma focus can be used to generate fusion energy and to demonstrate the feasibility of hydrogen-boron fusion. In addition, the experiments will investigate the magnetic effect, which will be very exciting. Achieving giga-gauss magnetic fields with the plasma focus,…