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Crowdfunding Raises $182,000 Coverage in Fortune, Extremetech


With a boost from a 20-day extension, the crowdfunding campaign of LPPFusion, Inc. and the Focus Fusion Society was a great success, raising $182,000, or 91% of our original goal of $200,000. (This includes $2,000 in Bitcoins not counted in the number on the Indiegogo website.) We received contributions from 1,923 individuals, many of whom gave more…

IndieGoGo Campaign Has Ended


Our Indiegogo campaign has ended with a high 90% funding, $180,279 to be exact.  We are still processing crypto-currency payments but so far they sum up to an additional $2,370, or an additional 1.2%. We wish to thank everyone for support, help, contributions, outreach, sharing and enthusiasm and belief in what we do. We are continuing…

Volunteer For Fusion Crowdfunding!


Volunteer to help Crowdfunding for Fusion! On May 6th, LPPFusion, cooperating with the Focus Fusion Society, will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the $200,000 we need for beryllium electrodes. These are crucial to the final stage of our push to demonstrate that focus fusion works. We need hundreds of volunteers to help…

Planning for crowdfunding campaign underway


LPP and Focus Fusion Society will, in the next few months, be initiating a major crowd-funding project to help fund our work to achieve inexpensive, clean, eco-safe and abundant energy. We need volunteers to help us teach the world about this great project. We need YOU! We have come a long way in the past few years…