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LPPFusion Completes Fourth Stock Offering


In late August, LPPFusion sold the last shares from its fourth stock offering, completing the raising of $2 million in capital.   The share offering was initiated in June, 2011 when 20,000 shares were offered at $100 a share.   During the four years of this offering, LPPFusion also sold out a fifth special offering for $250,000, and…

Dr. Syed Hassan Joins LPPFusion Research Team


Dr. Syed Hassan, a plasma physicist with more than 18 years of experience with the dense plasma focus device has joined LPPFusion’s research team as a Research Physicist. Dr. Hassan received his PhD. from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where he also designed the medium-size DPF for the Imperial College London. From 2007 to 2010,…

CFO Robert Fitzgerald On Medical Leave

LPP CFO Robert Fitzgerald is unfortunately ill and is on an extended medical leave. Out of respect for Bob’s privacy we can’t provide further information. We all wish Bob a speedy and complete recovery. In the interim, former CFO Aaron Blake is filling in as Secretary-Treasurer and CIO Ivan Karamitsos is supervising day-to-day finances with…

New Videos Released On Lab Work, Cosmology


New videos of the repair and assembly of the tungsten cathode and of the firing of the first shots with the tungsten electrodes are now available. LPPFusion is also releasing a video of Lerner’s presentation on evidence against the concordance cosmology theory presented to the EWASS 2015 conference in July.

LPPFusion’s 2015 Summer Research Associate- Clifton Whittaker

Clifton Whittaker, who will be a senior physics major at Whittier College in September has joined LPPFusion as a Research Associate for the summer of 2015.  Whittaker has already contributed ably to helping fire the first shots with the new electrodes and troubleshooting early oscilloscope problems.                                          Clifton Whittaker – Research Associate

Early Shots Show Impurities Dropping, But Not Yet Enough For High Fusion Yields


With just a dozen shots performed so far, we can draw only very preliminary conclusions from our results. The first is that impurities do indeed seem to have dropped significantly with the new electrodes—the first main goal of the new experiments. Impurities appear to be the basic obstacle to high fusion yields, as they disrupt…

Permission Obtained for Beryllium Electrodes Import

We have now obtained US Department of Commerce permission to import the cylindrical beryllium billets we will need for our next set of electrodes. The beryllium electrodes will be needed in later stages of our experi-mental program, as the x-ray flux from our plasmoid becomes too intense for the tungsten electrodes. Beryllium is far more…

Dr. Hamid Yousefi Returns To Iran, Frustrated by Immigration Rejections

Hamid WarrenHOffice

Frustrated by repeated rejections by US immigration authorities, Dr. Hamid Yousefi has returned to Iran and resigned as LPPFusion’s Chief Research Officer. Last year, Dr. Yousefi’s wife Sarah was rejected for a visa by the US State Department and had to stay in Iran with their son. As a result, Dr. Yousefi applied to change…