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Fred Van Roessel (1937-2019)

Fred van Roessel

We have the sad duty to report that our friend, colleague and team member Fred Van Roessel has died. He suffered a fatal stroke on Tuesday, November 26 and died without regaining consciousness on November 28. Fred was LPPFusion’s Electrical Engineer. Fred came to work with LPPFusion in 2010, only six months after our FF-1…

Fusion Song Contest Extended to Dec. 1


We are extending our fusion song parody contest by one month. We ask that contestants send links to professional videos of the songs that they are parodying, so people get the idea of the tune. Since LPPFusion staff have submitted entries, we will be judging winners through internet voting by all of you, starting Dec….

Oscillations Down, Fusion Yield Up

LPPFusion’s efforts to reduce troublesome oscillations in our FF-2B experimental fusion device have started to make progress. On October 21, we cut the highest-frequency oscillations in half, and increased fusion yield by 30% over our best previous shot with FF-2B. This puts fusion energy yield at 1/8 joule (one joule is one watt-second). Is 1/8…

LPPFusion in Brooklyn on November 13


LPPFusion President and Chief Scientist will be giving the first in-person public update on FF-2B’s progress at the Soapbox Gallery in Brooklyn, NY (636 Dean St.) at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, Nov. 13. The presentation will follow a screening of the award-winning documentary “Let There be Light” about the global fusion research effort. More details…

Fusion Poem and New Song Contest


A while back we asked focus fusion fans to send in songs and poetry about our project. We got some submissions, but well, we were really, really busy, and somehow, we did not get around to announcing the winner of our contest. Whoops—very sorry! But better late than never so here is the winner, a…

Tracking Down FF-2B’s Problematic Oscillations


LPPFusion’s research team continued to track down the causes of the asymmetric gas-to-plasma breakdown (start of the electrical current flow) and the associated, problematic, early current oscillations in FF-2B’s pulses. We’ve made progress in isolating the causes of these early oscillations. This is now the main focus of our research and it will probably take…

Fusion Energy Bills Introduced in NJ

Three bills: S4073, S4074 and S4075 to promote fusion energy research were introduced on August 26 into the NJ State Senate by Sen. Joe Pennachio(R-26). The first bill, the Fusion Technology Industry Promotion Act, would mandate the NJ Economic Development Authority to invest in fusion technology development companies in NJ, matching dollar for dollar private…

NJ Legislature to Fund Fusion? See LPPFusion Presentation at NJ Fusion Symposium

State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

  Following the May 23 Fusion Symposium that his office organized in Trenton, NJ, State Senator Joe Pennachio (R-26) is drafting and introducing into the NJ Senate a series of bills to aid fusion research. At the symposium, LPPFusion’s Lerner gave a presentation on a Faster Route to Fusion, advocating a crash program that funds…

Annual Fusion Conference in Poland Helps LPPFusion Plan Next Steps

Oscillations in Shot 6 on June 7, 2016

  Science is a collective effort and at this conference, as others, LPPFusion received valuable information from our colleagues. While many devices are used in fusion energy research, the plasma is the same everywhere, so results with one device can be used in experiments with others. In particular Lerner got vital clues to the next…