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LPP receives first foreign patent


LPP granted its first foreign patent, by Australia Lawrenceville Plasma Physics (LPP) has  now been granted its first  foreign patent, Australian Patent 2007314648, with a priority date of February 28, 2007, and a term of 20 years. The patent is  nearly identical to our  existing US  patent and covers all our improvements to the DPF device, including our use…

Video: LPP Discusses the Qboron Swanq at Clean Tech Summit


LPP’s Lerner speaks on “After Fukushima” Panel at NJ Clean Tech Summit Eric Lerner shared LPP’s unique perspective on innovation October 4th at the New Jersey Tech Council’s Clean Tech Summit at Princeton Plasma Physics Lab.  Eric was invited to speak on the panel “Life After Fukushima—What happens after a ‘Black Swan’ event? What is the impact of innovative…

Board of Advisors formally organized

To better leverage the experience and insights of a few of LPP’s supporters, LPP has organized an official Board of Advisors. The response was surprisingly fast and positive, and we now have ten members on the Board. Their experience and advice will be invaluable as we face important upcoming decisions, and you can see our…

Japan crisis highlights need to accelerate aneutronic fusion

Fukushima, Japan

We at Lawrenceville Plasma Physics want to share the following statement regarding the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan.  Given the magnitude of this crisis and the other environmental challenges we face, we hope for greater communication and collaboration as we work towards a more sustainable future. Japan’s Nuclear Accident Dramatizes the Need for Government Funding…

LPP testifies before Assembly utilities committee

Finding time to to discuss fusion.

LPP is working with New Jersey state agencies to bolster support for our focus fusion feasibility study and lay the foundation for future deployment of generators.  In addition to meetings with the state Board of Public Utilities and Department of Environmental Protection, on March 7th LPP president and lead scientist Eric Lerner gave invited testimony…

LPP looks back on 2010, ahead to fusion breakthrough in 2011


An overview of accomplishments, challenges, and goals for LPPhysics: Progress over the past year—Where are we and where are we going? You can find additional background with this report at the Focus Fusion Society. In this web write-up, we will be taking a longer view than our monthly reports, looking back over the entire past year’s…

Understanding Energy Possibilities at the Focus Fusion Solstice Seminar


The Somerset County Business Partnership will host Understanding Energy Possibilities: The Focus Fusion Solstice Seminar, a presentation focused on how private research start-up Lawrenceville Plasma Physics (LPP) is using innovation to develop an operational method for providing clean, inexhaustible fusion power. LPP has already achieved record relative fusion yields at their “Focus Fusion-1” lab in…

Progress and a Good Report


Summary: Experiments this month gave further confirmation of our basic theoretical model of the DPF. ICCD images showed the pinched filament kinking into a plasmoid and gave us clearer estimates of the plasmoid radius and density. X-ray emission energy continues to increase, giving us more confidence for our spin-off X-ray generator applications. Our replacement trigger heads…

Reliable Firing Achieved

Shot 9-09-10-02

Firing all switches repeatedly and reliably On September 29, we finally achieved repeatable firing of all attached capacitors. That day, and on September 30 and October 1, we fired all eight attached capacitors in 11 successive shots with only three pre-fires. While last month we thought that we had the switch problem under control, we had…

Focus-Fusion-1 Works!


First shots and first pinch achieved October 15, 2009 Eric Lerner Receives Energy Research Award   The baby is born! After seven years of theoretical work and raising money, five months of design, five months of construction and assembly, and a week of testing, LPP now has a functioning dense plasma focus, Focus Fusion- 1….