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Focus Fusion in Tennessee: LPP’s Lerner Visits Sewanee, University of the South


Bringing the latest news of fusion research to a Tennessee liberal arts college, LPP’s Lerner led a seminar on Focus Fusion as the Fast Route to Fusion Energy on Nov.12 at Sewanee, University of the South. The two-hour seminar with the college’s Physics Department students and faculty was part of LPP’s ongoing initiative to enlarge…

Physics of Plasmas Publishes LPPFusion’s Runaway Electron Theory

runaway pub image

Physics of Plasmas, the leading journal in the field of plasma physics, has published LPPFusion’s new paper on “Runaway electrons as a source of impurity and reduced fusion yield in the dense plasma focus”. The paper, by Chief Scientist Eric J. Lerner and Chief Research Officer Hamid R. Yousefi, was published online October 22, 2014…

Crowdfunding Rewards Are Shipped


After some delays due to under-staffing and summer doldrums, which LPP Fusion apologizes for, the rewards to our almost 2,000 Indiegogo crowdfunding supporters have finally been shipped, or will be by the end of next week. Thanks to LPP Administrative Assistant John Harhai for a lot of work and to LPP Chief Information Officer Ivy…

Re-Assembly Begins of FF-1 with Tungsten Electrodes


The new tungsten anode has a current connection with the silvered steel plate at the edge indicated to by the blue arrow.  This current connection is below the red O-ring (yellow arrow) that seals the vacuum chamber indicated by the black arrow.  The old current connection was at the location of the red arrow, inside the vacuum chamber…

LPPFusion Names Dr. Hamid R. Yousefi as Chief Research Officer

Hamid WarrenHOffice

  LPPFusion, Inc. has hired Dr. Hamid R. Yousefi as Chief Research Officer. Dr. Yousefi has been collaborating remotely with LPP Chief Scientist Eric Lerner for the past seven years on Focus Fusion research and was one of the first scientists outside LPP to realize the potential of this approach. He was the first to…