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Simulations, New Ideas Aid Anode Final Design

Liquid Like Waves in Be

LPPFusion Mechanical Engineer Rudy Fritch has continued to work with Chief Scientist Eric Lerner on simulations aimed at redesigning the anode stalk. These studies are critical to the next experiment, as the last anode cracked and the new one will be subject to greater currents produced by the new switches. Fritsch used SolidWorks CAD program…

New Switch Parts Start to Arrive


Parts for the new switches for FF-2B have now started to arrive at our lab in Middlesex, NJ. As explained in the last report, the biggest differences between the new switches and the existing switches are their number and size. Instead of one switch per capacitor in the old design, we will now have two…

New Anode Starts Manufacture

In a second step in our upgrade, LPPFusion has placed an order for the machining of the base of our new beryllium anode. We have also received a cylinder of beryllium that will be used for the shaft of the anode, so we now have all the beryllium metal that we need for machining. The…

New Switches Ordered

The new switches for FF-2B have now been ordered and are expected to arrive in early November. The switches are a product of a long design process by LPPFusion Chief Scientist Eric Lerner, Mechanical Engineer Rudy Fritsch and Research Scientist Syed Hassan. They are critical to the experiment being planned for late this year. The…

New LPPFusion Video: Pandemics, Crisis and Fusion

Pandemic, Economic Crises & The Energy Density Solution

A new video from LPPFusion explains why fusion energy is essential to escape the global crisis. The video, “Pandemic, Economic Crises and the Energy Density Solution” was produced by LPPF’s CIO and Director of Communications Ivy Karamitsos. In the video, we emphasize that fossil fuels have contributed to the present pandemic. Fossil-fuel pollution weakened the…

Beryllium for New Anodes on Order

Beryllium Cathode Attached to the Support Structure

In a major step towards new experiments, LPPFusion placed an order June 25 for the beryllium needed for our new anodes. Materion, the US supplier of beryllium, has promised to produce the material by Aug. 7. The cylinder of beryllium will be enough to produce three anodes, although initially we will be ordering just one….

Videos Gain New Visibility


In a sign of growing interest in new ideas in cosmology, the first video in LPPFusion’s ongoing series on “The Real Crisis in Cosmology” has now received nearly 150,000 views, far more than our other videos. We expect that this will attract new interest as well to our work in fusion. Lerner recently participated in…

Plasma Simulation Advances


Another simulation LPPFusion is working on is modeling the early stages of the current sheath within the plasma. This original simulation software is being developed by LPPFusion Simulations Researcher Dr. Warwick Dumas. It differs from the most common plasma simulations, called MHD, in accurately distinguishing the way electrons and ions behave when they are moving…

Major Software Upgrades Aid Thermal, Mechanical Simulations


Our CIO, Ivy Karamitsos, carried out a major IT upgrade thanks to the Wefunder crowdfunding investments that we gained this March. The upgrade cost just under $40K, but it was a long overdue investment into our infrastructure as we needed improved in-house capabilities for our engineering drawing software and simulation productions. We also purchased SolidWorks…

ICCD Video Reveals Shocks


A full sequence of images of the current sheath of LPPFusion’s FF-2B experimental device shows that a shock wave is the most likely proximate cause of the disruption of filaments that has limited fusion energy yield. Our rapidly-advancing effort to provide new switches for FF-2B provides a path to eliminating the oscillations that cause these…