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“Let There be Light” Video Available for Free

Let There be Light

The exciting CBC documentary on fusion, “Let There be Light” is now available for free on Vimeo, courtesy of the producers, EyeSteelFilm. This is the best overall introduction to the state of fusion research today, and focuses not only on the giant ITER project, but also on LPPF, General Fusion and W-7X as examples of…

California Officials Probing Cause of Wildfires

Power lines knocked down by powerful winds are being investigated as a possible cause of the deadly wildfires in Northern California. Above-ground power lines are vulnerable to winds directly and to falling trees. While existing power lines need to be buried to increase safety and reliability, decentralized Focus Fusion generators would minimize the use of…

Puerto Rico’s Energy Supply

Puerto Rico Gas Line

The simultaneous collapse of fuel supply and electricity supply in Puerto Rico shows the necessity for developing decentralized sources of energy that can survive hurricanes and earthquakes. Right now, such reliable sources don’t exist–solar and wind are both vulnerable to natural disasters and other sources are highly concentrated. Burying all electrical transmission lines would certainly…