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Beryllium and Boron: More Cosmic Connections with Fusion

Spiral Galaxy M51

Our new planned experiments will be critically based on two particular elements—beryllium for our electrodes and boron, which, together with hydrogen, will be our aneutronic fuel. These two elements, not coincidentally, are also bound together in their origins, for all beryllium and most boron are produced deep in space by cosmic rays. Only lithium and…

Lab Upgrade Completes First Phase

Dr. Syed Hassan Presses Trigger Button

As part of our extensive preparation for our planned experiments with beryllium electrodes, LPPFusion Research Physicist Dr. Syed Hassan has completed the first phase of several major upgrades to our laboratory. The phase involved moving our oscilloscopes, trigger-pulse generators, data computer and other critical electronic equipment into a shielded Faraday cage (Figure 1). A Faraday…

$1 Million (more or less) from Wefunder Equity Crowdfunding

thank u

LPPFusion’s Wefunder equity crowdfunding roared to a successful conclusion April 30, but we are still counting the money. With a huge influx of $191,000 in the final exciting day and another $90,000 in the rest of the final week, the campaign concluded with $1,031,000 in signed contracts from 451 investors. So far, Wefunder has collected…

LPPFusion Granted European Union Patent

EU Patent Office Logo

On April 3, LPPFusion was notified that the European Patent Office had granted its patent application. The new patent, similar to those already granted in the United States, China, Canada and Australia, will cover Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Great Britain and Italy. The patent will run through 2026. Only one application, for India still remains…

New Fusion Industry Alliance Formed, LPPFusion Joins

American Fusion Project & Fusion Consortium

A dozen private fusion companies, including LPPFusion have joined together in an alliance to promote fusion and to try to get government funding for a broad-based approach to fusion. The new alliance consists of a few cooperating organizations—the American Fusion Project (AFP), which seeks to educate the public about the benefits of fusion energy and…