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Iran Collaborators Pressure Erosion Down

In preparing for FF-1’s new experiments, the key objective is to eliminate as much as possible erosion (vaporization) of the electrodes into the plasma, which creates impurities and interferes with achieving high density. The new tungsten electrodes will cut way down on several main mechanisms for this vaporization, but the LPPFusion team identified a mechanism…

LPP and PPRC collaborate on pre-ionization experiments

anode erosion

The FF-1 anode, which is plated with 0.001 inches of silver, shows a ring of erosion near the end of the insulator (which has been removed along with the cathode). On the right side, where deposits have been cleaned away, the copper color shows clearly where a ring of silver has been vaporized and measurements…

Laser experiment boosts pB11 fusion


Laser experiment gives new visibility to pB11 fusion This story is part of LPP’s November 4th, 2013 newsletter, available in PDF format here.  Join the discussion at the Focus Fusion Society here. While FF-1 is still some steps away from switching to the hydrogen-boron fuel combination known as pB11, other approaches are proving the reality of pB11…

Open Letter on Fusion

open letter

Open letter on fusion We, the undersigned scientists, urge that the United States, the European Union and Japan fund a much broader fusion energy research effort, expanding the program to include a large number of promising devices and fusion fuels in order to maximize the chances of getting economical fusion power as soon as possible….

LPP makes experimental results data public


In keeping with its policy for making public its scientific research, either through publication or patent applications, LPP has made publically available a complete data base of the experimental results from its FF-1 device from 2009 to mid-2013. The data base contains data from as many as ten instruments for each of more than 1800…

LPP Focus Fusion Report, July 15, 2013


Summary:   LPP at Google Solve for X Fusion Brainstorming conference—still leading the field Moving the goal posts closer: quantum “herding” may allow net energy with not-quite-so-high density Monolithic cathode planned to achieve plasma purity, higher density LPP leads the field at Google Solve for X Fusion Brainstorming conference   On June 11, 2013, LPP…

LPP at Google’s Solve for X Conference – still leading the field


On June 11, 2013, LPP participated in Google’s Solve For   Fusion Brainstorming Conference in Mountainside, California.  Solve For X encourages projects to solve the toughest technological challenges of our day.  The participants were scientists from Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Inc. and three other leading fusion energy research companies: Tri-Alpha Corporation, General Fusion, and a project supported by giant…

New Japan Collaboration Yields Simulation Results

filaments simulation

LPP Announces New Collaboration Agreement with Plasma Simulations Group, University of Toyama, Japan—Simulation Yields First Results On January 15, 2013, Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Inc., (LPP) and the Plasma Simulation Group, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, University of Toyama, Japan, signed an agreement to collaborate on scientific work on the dense plasma focus and aneutronic…

Visit by Prof. Hamid Yousefi furthers PPRC collaboration

Dr. Hamid Yousefi

PPRC’s Dr. Hamid Yousefi visits LPP for 3 weeks, furthers scientific publication collaboration, proposal to IAEA on the horizon From October 14 to November 3, Dr. Hamid Yousefi, an internationally-known researcher in aneutronic fusion and long-time collaborator of LPP’s Chief Scientist Lerner, visited LPP’s NJ lab and participated in its research activities. Dr. Yousefi is…

Lerner and Iranian scientists launch fusion for peace innitiative

Three physicists, one US and two Iranian, have issued a statement proposing a joint US-Iran research collaboration that they contend could be an alternative to confrontation and war and, if successful, could “make uranium enrichment obsolete, block proliferation everywhere, liberate the world from oil, and open up a new source of cheap, clean unlimited energy.”…