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Laser PB11 Shows Big Advance

Prague Asterix Laser System

An international scientific collaboration using the PALS laser facility in Prague has reported a major advance in hydrogen-boron (pB11) fusion. The report, published in January in Physical Review E, demonstrated a 40-fold increase in fusion yield over previous experiments at the same facility in 2014. Researchers hit a target of boron nitride with some embedded…

PBS—Public Broadcasting System—TV Reports on LPPFusion

NJTV – Could a Jersey lab be the key to unlocking the sun’s energy on Earth

  On July 15, Public Broadcasting System station NJTV broadcast a report featuring LPPFusion: “Could a Jersey lab be the key to unlocking the sun’s energy on Earth?”. The report by Leah Mishkin covers fusion efforts at ITER, the huge tokamak under construction in France, at Canadian company General Fusion, as well as at LPPFusion….

“Let There be Light” Video Available for Free

Let There be Light

The exciting CBC documentary on fusion, “Let There be Light” is now available for free on Vimeo, courtesy of the producers, EyeSteelFilm. This is the best overall introduction to the state of fusion research today, and focuses not only on the giant ITER project, but also on LPPF, General Fusion and W-7X as examples of…

Plasma Focus Researchers Discuss Progress in Warsaw

In addition to LPPFusion, two other experimental groups in Poland expect to be testing hydrogen-boron fuel in a plasma focus device in 2019. This was a key highlight of the annual International Centre for Dense Magnetized Plasma workshop in Warsaw, October 4 and 5. The workshop is a summit meeting for researchers using the plasma…

New Fusion Industry Alliance Formed, LPPFusion Joins

American Fusion Project & Fusion Consortium

A dozen private fusion companies, including LPPFusion have joined together in an alliance to promote fusion and to try to get government funding for a broad-based approach to fusion. The new alliance consists of a few cooperating organizations—the American Fusion Project (AFP), which seeks to educate the public about the benefits of fusion energy and…

Publicity for Hydrogen-Boron Fusion

Daily Mail Logo

Popular knowledge of aneutronic fusion using hydrogen-boron (pB11) fuel took a step forward in December when science news outlets, and at least one newspaper, the UK’s Daily Mail, reported on research by Dr. Heinrich Hora and colleagues into laser-drive pB11 fusion. Dr. Hora’s group has been working for some years on this approach, as LPPF…

Lockheed’s Fusion Reactor

Lockheed Martin Fusion

“In 2014, Lockheed Martin announced that it was working on a nuclear fusion reactor small enough to fit on the back of a truck. Many said the device could ‘solve the world’s energy crisis’. But it seems the firm may be facing some issues living up to its claims. An updated technical report shows that…

GIT-12 Z-Pinch Achieves 6 Joule Fusion Output with Deuterium Fuel


Z-pinch devices are closely related to plasma focus devices in that they also use the currents through the plasma itself, not external magnets, to produce the strong magnetic forces that confine hot plasma. In a z-pinch, however, the current flows between two electrodes in a line, rather than the plasma focus’s concentric electrodes. At the…

Hydrogen-Boron Groups Announce Advances, Plan Closer Collaboration

Hydrogen-boron (pB11) fuel has long been the ideal fusion fuel, offering the potential for cheap energy through direct conversion with no radioactive waste, as LPPFusion has often pointed out. But until recently only one or two researchers reported on results at any conference, while most focused on the far more common deuterium-tritium or pure deuterium…