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Planning for crowdfunding campaign underway


LPP and Focus Fusion Society will, in the next few months, be initiating a major crowd-funding project to help fund our work to achieve inexpensive, clean, eco-safe and abundant energy. We need volunteers to help us teach the world about this great project. We need YOU! We have come a long way in the past few years…

LPP Focus Fusion Report, March 11, 2013

LPP Report

Summary: LPP’s paper ranked #1 most- read in 2012 by the leading journal Physics of Plasmas Ion beam peak power jumps four-fold to almost 400 GW, a new record Compression improves, producing FF-1’s tiniest plasmoid, thanks to dramatic leak reduction Recently published but not yet mentioned in monthly reports: New collaboration begins with Japanese simulation group…

Watch now: LPP May Day webinar hosted by Agrion


As a finalist from Agrion’s Green Spaces NY Cleantech Pitch Slam, LPP presented a webinar hosted by Agrion on May 1st.  Hear the latest (for now) directly from the lab by watching the archived webinar! Click here to view the webinar at Agrion (registration required). To play the video, we did need to install the suggested codec…

Board of Advisors welcomes Al Samuels

Al Samuels

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics is pleased to welcome long-time LPP investor Alvin Samuels to our Advisory Board.  Mr. Samuels has many years of extensive experience in oil-drilling engineering, well-head treating of gas and hydrocarbons, and research and development.  As a Staff Drilling Engineer for the Shell Oil Company, Offshore West Division, and advisor to their deep-drilling study…

LPP receives first foreign patent


LPP granted its first foreign patent, by Australia Lawrenceville Plasma Physics (LPP) has  now been granted its first  foreign patent, Australian Patent 2007314648, with a priority date of February 28, 2007, and a term of 20 years. The patent is  nearly identical to our  existing US  patent and covers all our improvements to the DPF device, including our use…

Board of Advisors formally organized

To better leverage the experience and insights of a few of LPP’s supporters, LPP has organized an official Board of Advisors. The response was surprisingly fast and positive, and we now have ten members on the Board. Their experience and advice will be invaluable as we face important upcoming decisions, and you can see our…

Stock Round Completed

LPP is pleased to announce that our $900,000 offering that opened in November 2009 was completed in April 2011. The next two million dollars to be raised will finance the completion of the proof-of-concept experiments and help commercialize the X-Scan application. For more information, please see our investors page.

LPP Receives Major Investments, Initiates Experimental Project


On Nov. 14, LPP initiated a two-year-long experimental project to test the scientific feasibility of Focus Fusion. The goals of the experiment are first, to confirm the achievement of the high X-ray energies first observed in previous experiments at Texas A&M; second, to greatly increase the efficiency of energy transfer into the plasmoid; third, to…

Stock Offering


Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Inc., a New Jersey corporation with its principal office at 40 Ridge Drive, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922 (“Corporation”) is a high-technology research, consulting and communication company specializing in applications of plasma physics for the development of a dense plasma focus (DPF) fusion reactor.   The Corporation is seeking accredited investors, as defined…

$1.2 Million Project Funded by The Abell Foundation and Individual Investors

Attracting Early Investments

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Initiates Two-Year Experiment to Test Hydrogen-Boron Fusion   $1.2 Million Project Funded by The Abell Foundation and Individual Investors   Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Inc., a small research and development company based in West Orange, NJ, has announced the initiation of a two-year-long experimental project to test the scientific feasibility of Focus Fusion,…