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IndieGoGo Campaign Has Ended


Our Indiegogo campaign has ended with a high 90% funding, $180,279 to be exact.  We are still processing crypto-currency payments but so far they sum up to an additional $2,370, or an additional 1.2%. We wish to thank everyone for support, help, contributions, outreach, sharing and enthusiasm and belief in what we do. We are continuing…

Fusion Crowdfunding is launched!

On May 6th, LPPFusion and Focus Fusion Society launched are Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign! Between now and June 15th, when the campaign ends, we plan to raise $200,000 to fund our crucial beryllium electrodes, vital to our final push toward net energy. Please visit the Indiegogo site and donate! And please tweet about us, link to…

LPP’s NYC Event March 9


On March 9, LPPFusion held a public event in New York City to talk about our progress and our upcoming crowdfunding campaign. The event, held at Tekserve in downtown Manhattan and organized through the Astronomy and Physics Meetup, drew a full house of over 30 people in person and another two dozen participating online. Eric…

Former US Fusion Chief: Focus Fusion Merits Higher Investment


Former US Fusion Energy Chief, Senior Researchers Say Start-up’s Fusion Program Merits Much Higher Level of Investment An independent scientific review indicates that an economical and clean source of fusion energy may soon become reality. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Eric Lerner Tel: 732-356-5900 E-mail: Dec. 10, 2013 – MIDDLESEX, N.J. — In a major endorsement of the fusion…

Open Letter on Fusion

open letter

Open letter on fusion We, the undersigned scientists, urge that the United States, the European Union and Japan fund a much broader fusion energy research effort, expanding the program to include a large number of promising devices and fusion fuels in order to maximize the chances of getting economical fusion power as soon as possible….