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SEC Allows Expanded Investment— LPPFusion Plans New Crowdfunding

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In a big win for LPPFusion and other start-ups, the US Security and Exchange Commission, (SEC), voted Nov. 2 by 3 to 2 to adopt multiple changes in investment law. For us, the most important change is to allow Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) that permit unlimited numbers of non-accredited investors to invest in companies like…

Wefunder Campaign Ends—Over $600,000 Raised

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Thanks to all of you for a second successful Wefunder campaign. We raised $605,000 from 292 investors living in 22 countries. All 133 slots for new non-accredited investors were filled. For accredited investors, we will be continuing fundraising directly through our website. During the campaign, which began Nov.15, 2019 and ended March 1, 2020, we…

Wefunder Campaign Extended to March 1

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We’ve just completed our third successful financial audit. Because of this we can now extend our Wefunder campaign through March 1st. Without this audit, SEC regulations limited us to ending the campaign 120 days after our fiscal year ended, which is Jan 31st. We are happy that we can stretch this campaign a little bit…

Wefunder Campaign Enters Home Stretch

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As we have reported to all investors and supporters, LPPFusion is again crowdfunding on the Wefunder website. Through the Wefunder site, anyone can now buy LPPFusion shares. We started this second campaign on Nov. 15, 2019 and now we are in the last two weeks, with the campaign ending Jan. 31, 2020. So far, we’ve…

LPPFusion Crowdfunding on Wefunder

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LPPFusion is again crowdfunding on the Wefunder website! Through the Wefunder site, anyone can now buy LPPFusion shares. We aim to raise a minimum of $400,000. That is what we need to get any of the money. Our maximum goal is the  $1.07 million that we are allowed to raise under SEC regulations. As of…

$1 Million (more or less) from Wefunder Equity Crowdfunding

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LPPFusion’s Wefunder equity crowdfunding roared to a successful conclusion April 30, but we are still counting the money. With a huge influx of $191,000 in the final exciting day and another $90,000 in the rest of the final week, the campaign concluded with $1,031,000 in signed contracts from 451 investors. So far, Wefunder has collected…

Wefunder Equity Crowdfunding Ends April 30

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After a small adjustment in the ending date, LPPFusion’s Wefunder equity crowdfunding will definitely conclude April 30. This date has been communicated to the SEC, so is now a firm date.   As of today, the campaign stands at $679,500, just two-thirds of the maximum goal of $1 million, with 320 investors. From past experience,…

Wefunder Crowdfunding Enters Final Month

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It is down to the wire with LPPFusion’s critical equity crowdfunding campaign on the Wefunder website. The campaign will end April 23, so it has entered its last month. So far, a bit over $640,000 has been invested by just under 300 investors. The campaign is right on target in terms of getting just over…

Fund a Shot Again!

Last year, thanks to all of you, contributions to LPP Fusion totaled over $34,000. While this was not enough for us to hire more staff, it was 5% of our total budget. It helped us to get over gaps in our funding from investors, and thus to keep our device firing shots and to keep…

Fund-a-Shot: Thanks, We Still Need Your Help

Thanks to your contributions, we got over our funding gap and kept our experiment rolling to higher fusion yields! The Fund-a-Shot drive raised $15,700 in the last month. Thanks to all who contributed! But we still need your support. For details, go here.