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Wefunder Campaign Enters Home Stretch

LPPFusion Card lifted1

As we have reported to all investors and supporters, LPPFusion is again crowdfunding on the Wefunder website. Through the Wefunder site, anyone can now buy LPPFusion shares. We started this second campaign on Nov. 15, 2019 and now we are in the last two weeks, with the campaign ending Jan. 31, 2020. So far, we’ve…

LPPFusion Crowdfunding on Wefunder

LPPFusion Card lifted1

LPPFusion is again crowdfunding on the Wefunder website! Through the Wefunder site, anyone can now buy LPPFusion shares. We aim to raise a minimum of $400,000. That is what we need to get any of the money. Our maximum goal is the  $1.07 million that we are allowed to raise under SEC regulations. As of…

Congress, NJ Legislature Consider Money for Private Fusion

State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Thanks to the effort of the Fusion Industry Association and its director Andrew Holland, the US Congress is now considering a bill to aid private fusion efforts. The House version of the Energy and Water Appropriations bill only has $4 million for this important initiative, while the Senate version has $20 million. Please contact your…

Subscription Drive Starts, We Need to Sell More Bikes!

The reason your home is not powered by fusion energy today is that the 1976 Fusion Crash Program was never implemented since it was never funded—not even at the minimum level required. The US government spent, in 2019 dollars, $5.4 billion a year on the Manhattan Project, $22 billion a year on the Apollo Program,…

Sen. Pennachio Introduces NJ Fusion Energy Bills

State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Sen. Joe Pennachio (R-26) introduced into the NJ State Senate on Aug. 26 three bills to promote fusion energy research. The first bill, the Fusion Technology Industry Promotion Act, S4074, would mandate the NJ Economic Development Authority to invest in fusion technology development companies in NJ, matching dollar for dollar private investments in the companies….

NJ Legislature to Fund Fusion? See LPPFusion Presentation at NJ Fusion Symposium

State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

  Following the May 23 Fusion Symposium that his office organized in Trenton, NJ, State Senator Joe Pennachio (R-26) is drafting and introducing into the NJ Senate a series of bills to aid fusion research. At the symposium, LPPFusion’s Lerner gave a presentation on a Faster Route to Fusion, advocating a crash program that funds…

LPPFusion’s Lerner to Speak at Fusion Energy Symposium On a Faster Route to Fusion

State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Contacts: Ivy Karamitsos, (646) 515-8866, Eric J. Lerner, (908) 546-7654,   LPPFusion President and Chief Scientist Eric J. Lerner will present proposals for “A Faster Route to Fusion” at the Fusion Energy Symposium, a hearing sponsored by NJ State Senator Joe Pennachio (R-26), on Thursday, May 23 at the State House Annex in…

Looking Back—2018 Highlights


Technical Milestones: Completed experiments with tungsten electrodes Observational confirmation of the destruction of filaments Publication of cosmology results in leading journal—Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Non-Technical Milestones: Over $950,000 investments from Wefunder Over $300,000 gift to Focus Fusion Society for aneutronic fusion research EU patent granted Founding of Fusion Industry Association Successful LPPF…

Survey Results from New Wefunder Investors


We’ve now analyzed a survey of LPPF’s new Wefunder investors, thanks to 313 responses, a 71% rate. Thanks to all for their time!   The survey showed that the money came in “by halves”—54% was from “old contacts”, who knew us before the campaign, 46% from new contacts. Half of the investment came from 94…