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LPP’s Focus Fusion featured in Renewable Energy World


In response to LPP’s July press release favorably comparing our fusion results with those from the much larger National Ignition Facility, Tom Blakeslee of the Clearlight Foundation covered Focus Fusion for Renewable Energy World.  LPP hopes the article, “Really Cheap, Really Clean Electricity from Boron,” will be the first of many to expose the latest results and tremendous…

Switch progress published in JOFE


To maximize fusion yields from LPP’s Focus Fusion-1 device, the science team must maximize current from FoFu-1’s twelve capacitors.   That means getting all twelve spark gap switches to fire together.  Senior Research Scientist S. Krupakar Murali discusses the innovations and analysis guiding this process as lead author of LPP’s latest peer-reviewed publication in the…

LPP Published in JOFE


Find the article at the Journal of Fusion Energy, email us to request a reprint, or find our unofficial preprint here. The Journal of Fusion Energy has published LPP’s article “Theory and Experimental Program for p-B11 Fusion with the Dense Plasma Focus.”  The article is available directly from the journal, and will also be submitted to arXiv.  For those…

Journal of Fusion Energy accepts LPP article for publication


Journal of Fusion Energy accepts LPP’s article “Theory and experimental program for p-B11 Fusion” for publication The Focus Fusion effort received good news from the academic world today with the acceptance of an article by LPP’s science team by the peer-reviewed Journal of Fusion Energy. The article, titled “Theory and experimental program for p-B11 Fusion with…