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PBS—Public Broadcasting System—TV Reports on LPPFusion

NJTV – Could a Jersey lab be the key to unlocking the sun’s energy on Earth

  On July 15, Public Broadcasting System station NJTV broadcast a report featuring LPPFusion: “Could a Jersey lab be the key to unlocking the sun’s energy on Earth?”. The report by Leah Mishkin covers fusion efforts at ITER, the huge tokamak under construction in France, at Canadian company General Fusion, as well as at LPPFusion….

IEEE Spectrum Reports on LPPFusion

IEEE Spectrum, journal of the world’s largest technical organization, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers with a half-million members, published a profile of LPPFusion. The article, titled, “Startup: LPPFusion Embraces Instability” was published online Sept. 22 and in the October print issue. It gives a good description of our approach and our position relative…

Focus Fusion in the Media


While this report overlooked it in our Jan. 22 edition, on Jan. 3, 2016, the Chicago Tribune ran an editorial pointing to privately–funded fusion power initiatives, including LPPFusion’s, as possible solutions to the world’s energy problems. The editorial, entitled “Will a private-sector fusion solution meet all of our energy needs?”, critiqued long-term skepticism about fusion…

IEEE Spectrum Features LPPFusion Progress


LPPFusion’s FF-1 device was one of three fusion projects featured by IEEE Spectrum in their November news article, “Three alternative fusion projects that are making progress”. Spectrum is sent out monthly to over 400,000 members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic engineers, the world’s largest organization of technology professionals. The article started with a…

Press Covers Private Fusion, But Misses Big Story

October saw a flurry of press coverage of private efforts in fusion energy, with a cover article in Time magazine, and new articles in the New York Times, the Economist and elsewhere. The stories focused on the angle that billionaires were funding fusion energy—Amazon’s Jeff Bezos funding General Fusion, Microsoft’s Paul Allen funding Tri Alpha…

IEEE Spectrum Covers Alternative Fusion, Including Focus Fusion


One of the leading technical journals in the world, IEEE Spectrum, has reported in its December, 2014 print edition on alternative routes to fusion energy. LPPF’s work is mentioned in the first few paragraphs of the story and described briefly as one of five leading fusion alternatives, along with University of Washington’s Dynamak, which is…

Note on Press Coverage of Lockheed Martin Fusion “Breakthrough”


A number of supporters have asked us about the widespread press reports on a Lockheed Martin fusion advance. We want to point out that Lockheed’s team has published no experimental results so far in any way. Until they do, this remains just a concept, not a “breakthrough”. In contrast, LPP Fusion has consistently reported its…

Science Magazine Features Focus Fusion

science aaas 1628×1020

Science Magazine, one of the two leading science journals in the world, featured LPPFusion’s work on Focus Fusion in a news article on privately-funded alternative approaches to fusion. The article, titled “Fusion’s Restless Pioneers” also featured two other efforts aiming at aneutronic fusion, Tri-Alpha Corporation and EMC2, as well as General Fusion. The article appeared…

Nature Magazine Urges More Funding for Aneutronic Fusion

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In a July 23 editorial, Nature magazine has joined the calls to redirect fusion funding to aneutronic fusion—fusion that produces no radioactive waste. Speaking of the difficulties facing the ITER tokamak program, the editorial urged that, “Given these realities, the prudent course for the world’s funding agencies would be to support research into alternative fusion…