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Titanium Lining for Vacuum Chamber

To download this report click here Based on the results of test shots fired in September, LPPFusion’s research team has decided to line the vacuum chamber of the device with titanium or a titanium compound. While we cleaned oxides off the tungsten, these compounds have reappeared due to oxygen in the stainless steel chamber. After…

Tungsten Anode Goes Into FF-1; Aluminum Cathode Model Is Checked


October 10, LPPFusion team members Eric Lerner, Hamid Yousefi and Tony Ellis lifted the tungsten anode into place on top of the FF-1 dense plasma focus experimental device (figure 1). The anode had previously been attached to its steel connecting plate (see September report) and was temporarily attached to a metal carrying rod for insertion…

Nature Magazine Urges More Funding for Aneutronic Fusion

nature 200×200

In a July 23 editorial, Nature magazine has joined the calls to redirect fusion funding to aneutronic fusion—fusion that produces no radioactive waste. Speaking of the difficulties facing the ITER tokamak program, the editorial urged that, “Given these realities, the prudent course for the world’s funding agencies would be to support research into alternative fusion…