About Fusion Energy

Fusion energy can fully replace fossil fuels at much lower cost to our health, our ecosystem and our pockets – while at the same time providing grounds for more equality and better standard of living for all. LPPFusion is a high tech R&D company developing clean Focus Fusion technology.


LPPFusion’s nuclear fusion energy R&D project will produce safe and clean energy without any radioactive waste. Our project was initially funded by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It is now backed by over 500 private international investors including the Abell Foundation of Baltimore. LPPFusion’s patented technology and peer-reviewed science are guiding the design of our fusion energy based visions of future; a future where humans and planet come before profits. Fusion energy generators can produce virtually unlimited source of environmentally clean energy thanks to the energy density of the novel, aneutronic pB11 fuel.


We are working to demonstrate the scientific feasibility of Focus Fusion experimental generators at our laboratory in Middlesex, NJ.

Goals and Milestones

Focus Fusion research timelines

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