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LPP at Google’s Solve for X Conference – still leading the field


On June 11, 2013, LPP participated in Google’s Solve For   Fusion Brainstorming Conference in Mountainside, California.  Solve For X encourages projects to solve the toughest technological challenges of our day.  The participants were scientists from Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Inc. and three other leading fusion energy research companies: Tri-Alpha Corporation, General Fusion, and a project supported by giant…

Planning for crowdfunding campaign underway


LPP and Focus Fusion Society will, in the next few months, be initiating a major crowd-funding project to help fund our work to achieve inexpensive, clean, eco-safe and abundant energy. We need volunteers to help us teach the world about this great project. We need YOU! We have come a long way in the past few years…

Moving the goal posts closer: quantum “herding”

ions kept in check by electrons

Increasing the density of the plasmoid is the “long pole” in our fusion tent—what we need to do to get to net energy production. We know we must increase density a long way from our current results. But now it seems the goal post have moved somewhat nearer. New theoretical calculations indicate that an effect…

Monolithic cathode planned to achieve plasma purity, higher density

Monolithic Cathode

Our latest round of experiments have convinced us that we will not be able to achieve the level of purity in the plasma we need for high density as long as we have joints between metal pieces in the cathode. Even with our very careful use of indium, sufficient contact resistance remains to cause significant…