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Lerner and Iranian scientists launch fusion for peace innitiative

Three physicists, one US and two Iranian, have issued a statement proposing a joint US-Iran research collaboration that they contend could be an alternative to confrontation and war and, if successful, could “make uranium enrichment obsolete, block proliferation everywhere, liberate the world from oil, and open up a new source of cheap, clean unlimited energy.”…

Physics of Plasmas publishes LPPF’s latest fusion advance

Physics Of Plasmas

New Jersey Start-up Publishes 1.8 BILLION Degree Fusion Energy Advance in Leading Physics Journal Lawrenceville Plasma Physics has published peer-reviewed results in Physics of Plasmas confirming that the firm’s Focus Fusion-1 machine has achieved the highest energy magnetic confinement of a fusion fuel ever, for any device, representing two of three criteria for net fusion…

Machining challenges lead to new cathode design


Will new “Fusion Crown” make FoFu-1 king of clean energy? Time will tell, but in any case “The Teeth that Chew the Sheath” are getting an updgrade! Since FoFu-1’s ceramic insulator broke in late January, damaging the nearby cathode base, we’ve been working to make the ceramic more robust while also improving the cathode design…