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4 billion-degree electrons, wow!

4 Billion C hot electrons

New data archive reveals 4 billion-degree electrons In December, LPP compiled a data archive covering the first two years of operation of FoFu-1, from October 2009 to October 2011. Preliminary analysis of this data has revealed that at least for a 30-shot series in September-October 2011, electrons were being consistently heated to above 400 keV…

FoFu-1’s fusion yield consistency improves six-fold


FF-1’s repeatability improves six-fold, with fusion yield staying within 3% FF-1 has taken a long step toward demonstrating the level of repeatable firing needed for a fusion generator. On November 2, FF-1 fired five shots in a row, under the same conditions, with fusion yield varying by only plus or minus 2.6% from an average of 0.9×1011 neutrons….

LPP receives first foreign patent


LPP granted its first foreign patent, by Australia Lawrenceville Plasma Physics (LPP) has  now been granted its first  foreign patent, Australian Patent 2007314648, with a priority date of February 28, 2007, and a term of 20 years. The patent is  nearly identical to our  existing US  patent and covers all our improvements to the DPF device, including our use…

Switch progress published in JOFE


To maximize fusion yields from LPP’s Focus Fusion-1 device, the science team must maximize current from FoFu-1’s twelve capacitors.   That means getting all twelve spark gap switches to fire together.  Senior Research Scientist S. Krupakar Murali discusses the innovations and analysis guiding this process as lead author of LPP’s latest peer-reviewed publication in the…