2012 End-of-Year Report

Jan 3, 2013 | Focus Fusion, Generator

2012 Summary:


  • LPP published in a leading peer-reviewed journal, Physics of Plasmas, our achievement of two out of the three conditions needed to produce net energy: a record-high temperature and the required confinement time of the hot plasma.
  • LPP demonstrated that our approach is, by far, the leader in the effort to achieve aneutronic, radioactive-waste-free, fusion–the only known route to clean, cheap, safe, and unlimited energy.
  • LPP eliminated arcing problems in the FF-1 fusion device that were blocking progress; it developed and used simulations to improve the FF-1 fusion device design, and acquired a greater theoretical understanding of FF-1’s 1.8 billion- degree temperatures.

In 2013:


If $1.5 million in financing is raised in January, we expect to achieve proof of scientific feasibility (more energy out than in) in 2013, but only with such timely funding.


Our main achievement in 2012 was to demonstrate, as described in our publication in Physics of Plasmas, the world’s leading plasma physics journal, that we had achieved the sufficiently  high temperature of 1.8 billion ºC and the sufficient confinement time of tens of nanoseconds necessary to produce net energy from hydrogen-boron fusion. This means that we have achieved two of the three conditions needed for net energy—the third being sufficient density of the plasma.  See full article.




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