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January progress: High rez and efficiency, path to higher fusion yield

LPP Report

Summary   In an eventful January in the lab, we have seen evidence for the first time that we have achieved high efficiency of energy transfer into the plasmoid and the beam. More than 15% of total bank energy, over 8 kJ, passed through to the beams. We have made the highest-resolution images ever of…

LPP looks back on 2010, ahead to fusion breakthrough in 2011


An overview of accomplishments, challenges, and goals for LPPhysics: Progress over the past year—Where are we and where are we going? You can find additional background with this report at the Focus Fusion Society. In this web write-up, we will be taking a longer view than our monthly reports, looking back over the entire past year’s…

LPP Published in JOFE


Find the article at the Journal of Fusion Energy, email us to request a reprint, or find our unofficial preprint here. The Journal of Fusion Energy has published LPP’s article “Theory and Experimental Program for p-B11 Fusion with the Dense Plasma Focus.”  The article is available directly from the journal, and will also be submitted to arXiv.  For those…