Donate to Help the Research

Fund a shot

Last year, thanks to all of you, contributions to LPP Fusion totaled over $34,000. While this was not enough for us to hire more staff, it was 5% of our total budget. It helped us to get over gaps in our funding from investors, and thus to keep our device firing shots and to keep us rolling to producing new education videos that get the word out and convince people to invest.

So, once again this year we are asking you to Fund a Shot!

For $75 you can fund the charging of one of our 12 capacitors for one shot, for $150, two capacitors and so on up to $900 for a full shot. Everyone who funds a given shot will be recognized in a list kept permanently on the website. You will be assigned to a given shot in the order that we receive your money. See the Fund-a-Shot table for this year here and the special thank you list of small contributors. Last year’s is available here. If we cite “your” shot in a scientific paper, we’ll include your name in the acknowledgements of the paper. Your shot may make history! You can contribute (not tax-deductible) at the bottom of this page.

Contributors have been asking us about our plans for equity crowdfunding, where small investors can actually buy shares. We are working hard to get ready for such an effort, which we hope will occur in the coming few months. However, remaining restrictions in US security laws have led us to decide that we will have to limit such small investments to a minimum of $2,000 each.

So if you think you may well make an investment of $2,000 or larger, when given the chance, we urge you to hold off on donations and save up for that investment. That will benefit us, because we have to reach our investment goal to get the crowdfunding money.

If, however, you don’t think an investment of that much is possible this year, but you would still like to help fusion research, then please Fund a Shot with as little as $75. At whatever level you are able to help, you’ll be helping get fusion faster!

Development Tasks and MilestonesNumber of Cumulative New Shots to Achieve Milestone
1. Demonstrate achievement of low impurity100
2. Demonstrate 10 J Fusion yield200
3. Demonstrate continued scaling of yield with current300
4. Demonstrate 100-fold increase of density400
5. Test increased current with shorter, 10-cm anode500
6. Test increased current with upgrade of power supply600
7. Install and test 10-cm Beryllium anode700
8. Install and test Beryllium cathode800
9. Install and test increased current with 7-cm Beryllium anode900
10. Install and test heating and other equipment for hydrogen-boron fuel1,000
11. Tests with hydrogen-boron partial gas1,100
12. Demonstrate 100 J fusion yield with hydrogen-boron1,200
13. Demonstrate 1,000 J fusion yield1,300
14. Tests with pure hydrogen-boron fuel1,400
15. Demonstrate scientific feasibility, net energy output1,500
What We Have Done so Far
0.1 J fusion yield300
1.8 billion C temperature1,000
Switches firing together1,200
Identified impurity problem1,500
Design of monolithic tungsten electrodes as impurity solution1,800
Identification of runaway electron problem, solutions1,900
Identification of oxygen problem, solutions1,930
2.8 billion degrees, 0.25 J fusion yield, lower impurities2,090