Development Tasks and Milestones

Development Tasks and MilestonesNumber of Cumulative Shots to Achieve Milestone
1. Demonstrate achievement of low impurity100
2. Demonstrate 10 J Fusion yield200
3. Demonstrate continued scaling of yield with current300
4. Demonstrate 100-fold increase of density400
5. Test increased current with shorter, 10-cm anode500
6. Test increased current with upgrade of power supply600
7. Install and test 10-cm Beryllium anode700
8. Install and test Beryllium cathode800
9. Install and test increased current with 7-cm Beryllium anode900
10. Install and test heating and other equipment for hydrogen-boron fuel1,000
11. Tests with hydrogen-boron partial gas1,100
12. Demonstrate 100 J fusion yield with hydrogen-boron1,200
13. Demonstrate 1,000 J fusion yield1,300
14. Tests with pure hydrogen-boron fuel1,400
15. Demonstrate scientific feasibility, net energy output1,500
What We Have Done so Far
0.1 J fusion yield300
1.8 billion C temperature1,000
Switches firing together1,200
Identified impurity problem1,500
Design of monolithic tungsten electrodes as impurity solution1,800
Identification of runaway electron problem, solutions1,900
Identification of oxygen problem, solutions1,930