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Defend Net Neutrality!


The FCC’s Open Internet Rules (net neutrality rules) are the pillar of an open and accessible Internet for all. Net neutrality means that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cannot discriminate packets based on their contents. Every packet must be treated equally (as long as the content is legal). Ajit Varadaraj Pai, the new chairman of the…

Fund a Shot Again!

Last year, thanks to all of you, contributions to LPP Fusion totaled over $34,000. While this was not enough for us to hire more staff, it was 5% of our total budget. It helped us to get over gaps in our funding from investors, and thus to keep our device firing shots and to keep…

3D electrical modeling needed

LPPFusion needs help from someone who can do 3D modeling of pulsed power circuits and has present access to the software required—such as COMSOL. We are planning to reduce the inductance of FF-1’s power circuit and want to model various solutions. If interested, please contact us at .

Fund-a-Shot: Thanks, We Still Need Your Help

Thanks to your contributions, we got over our funding gap and kept our experiment rolling to higher fusion yields! The Fund-a-Shot drive raised $15,700 in the last month. Thanks to all who contributed! But we still need your support. For details, go here.

Note: Mailing List

We have used the e-mail address as the from address for our campaigns. Recent changes from major e-mail providers, including Google, means that we can no longer do this without running the risk of many of you not receiving our mailing list. To ensure that further e-mails arrive in your inbox, please add…

Fusion Crowdfunding is launched!

On May 6th, LPPFusion and Focus Fusion Society launched are Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign! Between now and June 15th, when the campaign ends, we plan to raise $200,000 to fund our crucial beryllium electrodes, vital to our final push toward net energy. Please visit the Indiegogo site and donate! And please tweet about us, link to…


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