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New Videos Released On Lab Work, Cosmology


New videos of the repair and assembly of the tungsten cathode and of the firing of the first shots with the tungsten electrodes are now available. LPPFusion is also releasing a video of Lerner’s presentation on evidence against the concordance cosmology theory presented to the EWASS 2015 conference in July.

Open Letter on Fusion

open letter

Open letter on fusion We, the undersigned scientists, urge that the United States, the European Union and Japan fund a much broader fusion energy research effort, expanding the program to include a large number of promising devices and fusion fuels in order to maximize the chances of getting economical fusion power as soon as possible….

Letter to Senator Wyden

senator Wyden

January 28, 2013 The Honorable Ron Wyden 221 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg. Washington, D.C.  20510   Dear Senator Wyden: Congratulations on your ascendency to chair of energy and natural resources.  In that role there is one issue I would like to call to your attention.  The scientific consensus, as you well know, is that mankind…