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New Video Ranks Top Fusion Project Results–Small Start-Up Leads Many Giants

fusion funds pie chart

“The New Fusion Race” is available on YouTube and Vimeo.   LPP Fusion released on April 10, 2017 a new video series, “The New Fusion Race”, providing the first ranking of the world’s leading efforts to achieve fusion energy. The film compares objective measures of the results that various projects have achieved in the race…

Beryllium Cathode Nears Completion

Hardric Labs in Massachusetts has reported to LPPFusion that its work on machining the new beryllium cathode (fig.4) is nearing completion and they expect to ship the finished piece in early March, only a few weeks behind their initial schedule. Since the beryllium anodes have already been received at the Middlesex NJ lab, we will…

New Experiment Starts: Optimizing Microwave Treatments to Reduce Oxide Impurities

Microwave Treatment Glowing Plasma

Focus Fusion-1, LPPFusion’s experimental fusion device, resumed firing January 30 to start our final set of experiments with tungsten electrodes. Our initial results showed that we still need more work to reduce the tungsten oxides that have fed impurities into our plasma. We are now optimizing the microwave treatments that can strip oxygen off the…