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President’s Science Advisors briefed on fusion progress

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On Friday, May 25th 2012, I represented Lawrenceville Plasma Physics in providing one of five public comments at that day’s meeting of President Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, or PCAST.  My remarks were well received, and three PCAST members with physics backgrounds took copies of our publications for review.  The remarks are below,…

International collaboration established to speed science

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Iranian and US research institutions announce collaboration agreement for scientific publication on aneutronic fusion, a possible route to cheap, safe, clean energy Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Inc. (LPP), a research firm in Middlesex, NJ, announced today that they had signed a contract on May 20 with thePlasma Physics Research Center (PPRC) of I. Azad University in Tehran, Iran, committing the…