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Watch now: LPP May Day webinar hosted by Agrion


As a finalist from Agrion’s Green Spaces NY Cleantech Pitch Slam, LPP presented a webinar hosted by Agrion on May 1st.  Hear the latest (for now) directly from the lab by watching the archived webinar! Click here to view the webinar at Agrion (registration required). To play the video, we did need to install the suggested codec…

2011 achievements and goals for 2012

LPP Report

LPP is proud to highlight the main developments of the past year, and the next steps we intend to take in completing the research phase in 2012. To review, in 2010 we achieved two key goals—confirming the generation of ion energies of over 100 keV (one billion degrees) and increasing the efficiency of energy transfer…

Understand the focus fusion energy flow


Acceptance of latest results to Physics of Plasmas confirms tiny energy start-up is hot! One point eight billion degrees. Yes, that’s billion with a “b,”  LPP’s team received word February 27th that a paper describing our achievement of fusion reactions from ions confined at energies equivalent to over 1.8 billion degrees C was accepted by Physics of…