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FoFu-1 x-rays show effectiveness of Axial Field Coil

Aaron and The Axial Field Coil

In key hurdle for clean energy experiment, fusion reactor’s mild “magnetic butterfly” is shown to influence the twist of a mighty tornado On December 21st LPP’s research team used a simple coil of wire to create a ten-fold increase in x-rays emitted from a billion-degree plasma at the center of a magnetic vortex. This first unambiguous…

DPF collaboration formed


On Sept. 17, fifteen experienced DPF researchers from Europe, Asia and the United States met at a workshop in Warsaw, Poland, and agreed to set up a closer web-based collaboration network. The workshop was organized by the International Scientific Committee of the International Centre for Dense Magnetized Plasmas, a group of several dozen DPF researchers….

Breaking records and window

With all switches firing and central components cleaned, realigned, and in some cases even resurfaced, Focus Fusion-1 (FoFu-1) has pushed the frontier of DPF functioning to record pressures of fill gas. This is a prerequisite for achieving high fusion yields. The yield increases with the plasma density in the tiny plasmoid where fusion is produced,…

Japan crisis highlights need to accelerate aneutronic fusion

Fukushima, Japan

We at Lawrenceville Plasma Physics want to share the following statement regarding the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan.  Given the magnitude of this crisis and the other environmental challenges we face, we hope for greater communication and collaboration as we work towards a more sustainable future. Japan’s Nuclear Accident Dramatizes the Need for Government Funding…