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Switch success times twelve signals new era for reliability

Bob Fitzgerald And Sparkplug Array

A new era for reliability: Complete set of 12 re-designed switches passes all tests with flying colors, ready for higher voltages. Complete switch system fires simultaneously 18 times in a row with no misfires or prefires; New switches pass all tests at 35 kV and 40 kV Additional background on LPP’s switches at the Focus…

LPP’s Focus Fusion featured in Renewable Energy World


In response to LPP’s July press release favorably comparing our fusion results with those from the much larger National Ignition Facility, Tom Blakeslee of the Clearlight Foundation covered Focus Fusion for Renewable Energy World.  LPP hopes the article, “Really Cheap, Really Clean Electricity from Boron,” will be the first of many to expose the latest results and tremendous…

Experiments underway! Fusion device upgrade complete


In early August, the LPP research team—Eric Lerner, Aaron Blake, Derek Shannon and Fred Van Roessel, ably reinforced by visiting Kansas State University graduate students Mohamed Ismail and Amgad Mohamed, completed the re-assembly of the Focus Fusion-1 upgrade. The upgrade, which involved reinforcing insulation on the device’s transmission plates and around its switches, prepared it…